Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lord Voldemort fights to protect death eaters 

The release of the final Harry Potter film happily coincides with the Great Battle Of Hogswarth which is the hacking scandal.

From the book here is part of Harry's final confrontation with you-know-who

(Harry) "I'd advise you to think about what you've done ... think and try for some remorse..."

(Murdoch, er I mean Voldy) "What is this?"

Of all the the things that Harry had said to him, beyond any revelation or taunt, nothing had shocked Voldemort like this. Harry saw his pupils contract to thin slits. saw the skin around his eyes whiten.

"Its your last chance" said Harry. It's all you've got left.... be a man ...try ... try for some remorse.."

In the real world remains to be seen whether a Parliamentary and outraged civilisation's 'Expelliarmus' will in the end defeat 'Avadra Kedavra'. Or what will happen if all those political sheep are freed from the Imperius curse.

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